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 hi, my name is Biswajit das and I am an intern (student )of the digital Deepak internship program.

today you are going to read a long review about this internship program and you will be going to know all the answers to your queries.

I am going to cover all of these points below

1.Who is digital Deepak

2.why  the digital Deepak internship program

3.question people ask about this internship program 

4.My experience in the internship program 

                                   WHO IS DIGITAL DEEPAK

when you are a child and ready to go to your first school .definitely your parents did some research about that school before taking you to admission, And also when you are going to your first college you also did some research about that college and then you started planning to join that college.

 because of that, I’m going to talk about your mentor (digital Deepak).before you planning to join him.

let’s start 

digital Deepak

DEEPAK sir full name is Deepak kanakaraju hi cofounder of pixel track digital marketing agency and founder of he is from Bangalore. but everyone on the internet knows him as digital Deepak and I know you also know him as digital Deepak. but do you know why on the internet everybody knows him as digital Deepak? because digital Deepak no longer is just a name it is a personal brand right happens only because of his hard work and consistency towards his work.

His first blog was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice he started it when he was in college, which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month.

he sold BikeAdvice in 2012 to a Chinese company After that, he worked as a digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. he also consults on digital marketing companies, CEOs of companies, and managers

his recent blog is is now ranked as top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and he has become a well-known brand in the digital marketing niche. he started this blog 7 years back. you can check his blog also. you will get a lot of content and knowledge about digital marketing.

{Not everyone can plan their future and drive their lives as they want to. We plan something but life has something else for us}. this is the line said by Deepak sir.

he got into the field of digital marketing by accident. yes, you read it right. some lucky people in the plant find their passion from childhood. but many people like us find passion by doing a lot of things. Deepak sir is a real-life example of that.

he joined the college in 2004. he knew that computer science and coding was not his cup of tea. his dad has a small construction company in his hometown Salem. So he thought, he could join his business if he couldn’t get a job. So he takes  Civil Engineering. he was also interested a little bit in the area of house construction because he used to visit his dad’s projects. he really loved certain subjects in his engineering such as Fluid Mechanics and Engineering mechanics.

In 2007, he got a job offer for Rs. 2.75 Lakhs per year from a company called Caritor. At that time, the demand in the IT sector was so high that companies were hiring students from Civil, Mechanical, and even Chemical engineering disciplines.]he graduated from college in 2008, but the recession in the US was at its peak at that time. That delayed the joining dates for the students by 1-2 years. he finished college, he had no job,  and my dad’s company wasn’t big enough for him to engage him full time. All that empty space and time had to create something out of it.

he was very interested in motorcycles from that time. he used to spend hours reading motorcycle magazines and watching videos online. he observed that there was no website in India dedicated to motorcycles and reviewing Indian motorcycle models. That was the time when the idea struck in his mind he could start a blog about motorcycles. he was inspired by he started BikeAdvice. That’s how his first business was born.


first of all, this is not a digital marketing course. I know every day you see a lot of courses from internet guru with Lambo, Mercedes, and laptop lifestyle and they make fun of your situation and tells you to join free webinar .and you join because of some free content and knowledge but in the end, you end of with anger, sad because they sell their courses.

I don’t why you have an interest in digital marketing because you see a lot of rich lifestyle advertisements or because you have a passion for it. but I can say digital marketing is not a rich scheme.

digital marketing is a huge niche. it has demand and potential. There are many people who want to become digital marketers because of its glamorous benefits like freelancing,  laptop lifestyle, and the possibility of earning passive income, replacing your salary, and achieving freedom. many people coming into this field because of pandemic they lost their job.or income source.

Finally, their business owners who facing losses in their business want to leverage digital marketing to get more leads and customers and grow their business with the internet. Everyone now knows the power of digital marketing and how it can change their life thanks to the coronavirus. But when it comes to learning digital marketing, almost everyone struggles to choose the right path.

you can learn digital marketing in many ways. you can read hundreds of blog posts, watch thousands of videos, sign up to free courses, and even join a few paid programs. but you don’t have the right direction. you can learn a bit of this and that and jump from one topic to another topic and from one course to another, hoping to find an easy and comfortable way to learn. and keep consuming content after content, rarely putting the knowledge into work because of lack of direction and confidence.

I think I wrote the right thing if not I think you are implementing what you are learning. if you doing it then go ahead do it you will be successful one day

then there are paid course which is all over your internet and after seeing all of this advertisement you are getting confuse day by day. The main big problem with these paid courses is People aren’t taking action and sometimes not even completing the courses and few people watched something from everything a bit because they are in their comfort zone they do not want to do any type of practical work.

it is a bad thing from a student’s point of view as well as a teacher who created this course by spending time and giving a lot of hard work{if he is a genuine teacher } there are many scammers also who don’t care of you they only care of money.

for solving this problem Deepak sir started an internship program


digital Deepak internship program

remember your school days where you got the assignment and after completing the assignments you reword with an extra mark only because of expert you put all of your hard work in that assignment. the idea of this internship is the same when you complete the assignment you got reword as an extra mark in your school.

but without motivation you don’t do any assignment .in school, there is an extra mark that motivates you to do that assignment. then Deepak sir comes with a great idea which gives you powerful motivation and pushes you to do the assignment

The idea is if those who professionally complete their assignments within the deadline will get the cash reward and those who do not complete the assignment don’t get any reword just like your extra mark in your school.

the internship is structured in such a way that you could earn the investment back if you complete all the assignments? That means your learning is for FREE.

When there is an assignment, you are more focused, attentive, and took notes while you attending the class because if you miss one or two things, you might struggle to complete assignments, and you have to come back, spending more time. because of it, you will become a better learner day by day.

He has to create a program that is more practical and hands-on so he started the internship program because the internship is all about doing things, getting your hands dirty, and learning by doing. So the program should be something more practical, something is not just called a course.

It focuses on things you can learn, implement, get results. and it motivates you to explore further, help you to choose the right specialization, and become a master at it.

in this program where you learn the essential and practical digital marketing concepts via weekly live classes and implement that in the form of assignments so that you get the maximum advantage of his knowledge and get hands-on experience in doing things. this help people who want to become digital marketer who can get the results because that is the companies needs.

points why should join digital Deepak internship program 

  • your digital marketing Certifications are of no use if you don’t have any practical knowledge
  • this is the program that helps you learn digital marketing practically
  • You will be mentored by Deepak Kanakaraju himself
  • You get paid for every task you complete
  • Career & Placement Guidance
  • Networking opportunities


1. what will I learn about the internship program 

In This internship program, you will learn all the subject and terms of digital marketing and after completing it you will get another internship program which is based on specializing subject which you have interested in and want to expert in that subject just like any other course, 

for example in engineering, there is a lot of branches. but you have to select one branch to master in it. 

so you have to do it in this internship also

and don’t worry in 1st internship you will get so much knowledge that an avenger digital marketer does not have and a student also qualify for jobs after the internship program and can apply for the job as a digital marketer because in this internship program a student has working experience which an average digital marketer does not have.

  •  On the 1st day of your internship program, you will  learn about   how to build a good mindset how to overcome negativity  and how important communication skill is 
  • how to create a blog
  •  importance of content writing
  • google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • and more (I’m not revealing all the thing you will get a lot of free gifts and surprises in this internships)

2..  does everyone get cashback- 

You will get your cashback (reword) only if you are able to complete and submit the tasks before on deadlines given to you.

As you complete the assignment your assignments get approved, you will get the cashback. For more clarifications regarding this monetary aspect of the internship, you can reach out to the Deepak sir team directly through

3.. what if I have some doubts about completing assignments –

do not worry about doubts you will get a doubt session which will be given by Kamna Jain who is a student of Deepak sir 1st batch of the internship program. she will clear all of your doubts as well as help you in your all questions of assignment. so that you can easily complete your assignment.

4..should be working professionals can do an internship program,

for people who are already working and are confused about how to switch from their existing profession to digital marketing. I have good news for you all .many working professionals (doctors, engineers,) already doing internships. 

But it also depends on your current situation 

if you are recently got your first job my suggestion is to focus on your company work and taking some free knowledge about digital marketing from youtube then after 5 to 6 months you can join the internship program.

if you doing your job out of India then you have to think before taking the course because after taking the course maybe you face some time management problem to complete and attending the classes.

and if you just started a company you should focus on building for the company. after that, you can also take the internship program many CEOs and startup owners are already doing the internship for taking their business to next level but their startup is well established so they are giving their 100%on internship. That was for someone who is already established in his business and want to explore digital marketing.


 I know you are interested in digital marketing and also planning to join the internship program I just want to say you are on the right path 

As a learner, I always learn something new thing every day and before joining this internship program I already have taken 1to 2 paid digital marketing courses and I have knowledge about digital marketing.

even if I know digital marketing. after joining the free webinar I joined this internship program

As an intern (student) of digital Deepak sir, I can tell you how’s my personal experience in the internship program.

first off I am very satisfied with this internship program. and learned a lot of things from Deepak sir. and even you believe it or not you can not find such content, knowledge, and such experience from paid courses

this internship program covers all the basic that makes a digital marketing expert. this program strat with fundamental of marketing .and Deepak sir tell about his struggle and his real-life experiences. which will give a good direction in life.

the best thing I experience that I learn something new every week and then I have to prove myself by submitting a small assignment related to that week’s lesson, this makes me concentrate on learning as well execute my knowledge properly.

Other than that, I got to be a part of a community of like-minded and experienced people that elevate me and help me do the assignment. and share their achievement which gives me the motivation to do more day by day. I also got many friends from this group.

and I love the support of Deepak sir. they are making really hard work for each and every intern. and give all the queries of every student.

Deepak sir team provides support via the telegram group. this telegram group is the group of all interns, including the support team, and Deepak sir .you can ask any questions like payment .classtime, review, assignment in this group.

and in this doubt session, I meet a girl whose name is Kamna Jain .she is an intern of 1st batch as well as a support team member of Deepak sir. she will clear all of your doubts regarding the assignment and make it simple for you to complete the assignment. 

sometimes some students did not get their cash back after submitting the assignment because of some technical issue .but after sending mail to their support team they got their cashback between 2 to 3 days.

and any problem happens or the majority of your batchmates want to extend the submission time of the assignment or if a festival is there in between your assignment you will get extra time also for submitting the assignment.

in the end, this is the best way you can learn digital marketing practically. Deepak sir give you the best platform to grow in your life, business, and digital marketing carrier .