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In this article i am going to talk about

-Marketing fundamentals

-Traditional vs digital marketing

-CATT funnel

-Integrated marketing 

-Personal branding

                       This will useful  to all employees,entrepreneurs and students

                             FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING 

Marketing education really important in life because it is rooted in human psychology and understanding the market.

marketing gives direct return for the business.all the other things like manufacture ,hr,accounting does not give immediate result.

Every body should learn marketing .

People thinks  it is an art but in my opinion it is science.

Marketing means understanding the customer problems and customer needs.

Many marketer focus on selling the product to customer but  the real marketer 

building trust and position  for the brand in the customer  mind by solving the problem.

And the real marketer always keeps his customer happy and satisfied  not just sell a product by some ads

Never let marketing become more important then product.a grate product sell it sell itself by word of mouth which is best marketing channel ever. because people believe other people opinions then advertisement 

                      Marketing is a buyer oriented process involving the creation, communication 

                         and delivery of value even as it strives to build and retain lifetime 

                              customer  loyalty.

  it gives businesses a competitive edge since that is what they need to do to gain loyal customers. it means providing the right things to the right customer at right time.

                                 component of marketing =  sales ,copy writing, advertising              

                Traditional marketing vs digital marketing 

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium .

 Traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines and newspapers, tv , digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media like Facebook, goggle,Instagram, you tube or website

Digital marketing is the future but Now a days many people

thinks  traditional method is a old fashion. Traditional marketing stills plays a important role in the

 market. for the generic products  wide range targeting  traditional method is very effective.

digital marketing is the best medium to reach very targeted audience and the English speaking customers.

 Main disadvantage of traditional method is you can not do deep marketing you can not do natural sales.

there are also some disadvantages in digital marketing the problem is the cost rise so for some product the traditional method gives a good return of investment. 

At the end

Traditional medium still has a place, let’s be clear, digital marketing is the future. The younger generation has not known a time without smartphones, and they are starting to enter the workforce backed by another generation that will be even more digital. The fact is that every company and brand needs a digital marketing strategy to survive in today’s world, so there are plenty of career opportunities. I

                           CATT FUNNEL

Let me tell u what is CATT full form

C for content

A for attention

T for trust

T for transaction 

                                              WEALTH =n^CATT

Now you thinking what is  this?

In the funnel the n is very important. what is N

N stands for niche 

before everything find out yours niche is very important things. after finding the niche solving the 

problem  of the customer related to that niche so that customer will be interested in your product.

Before selecting the niche you keep in mind that you are passionate about the niche as well as the niche has some market. 

Content – After selecting the niche u need to create valuable and problem solving content.Content is the core of digital marketing, when you have a great piece of content then you don’t have to struggle to spend much for marketing. It will itself bring you organic traffic depending on the quality of the content

You can provide quality content through blogging , you-tube videos,lead magnet,live webinars etc

Attention–  After collecting the traffic of your content, you can generate leads from this traffic by building trust. Trust can be built by repetitive engagements, hook the user, and social proof.. You can do it through different medium 

such as  seo  , sharing in social media, paid advertisement and referral.This will grab the traffic to your content .

 Trust- After having the audience you need to build trust and good relation with them.

for building relationship the first you need to interact with your customer you need to mail them with valuable content and also you can re target your audience one in a while to hold their attention  

Transaction- This sales funnel helps you to build mass trust, whether it is for your B2B or B2C business, and it also helps to build a long term relationship with your target customers. The revenue from this sales funnel can be used to build content and thus the sales funnel can be used again to gather more customers.These are  steps  where you are converting the loyal people into sales and making money. 

This is CATT funnel for u .You can follow it foe grow your bussniess.

                      INTEGRATED MARKETING 

IT means combining all the strategies to gather for gating better sales.

CATT funnel is a step by step guidance for marketer for sales. An integrated method is for how a marketer should execute that. 

Many people do only one thing like they do only paid ads, or seo or content

So they never gets sell. And they thick all the things are not working. 

Instead of doing  direct advertising of your product you can advise your content give people free valuable content grab their attention. now people have trust for you then collect their email and then give them a sales pitch.

In integrated marketing content is a team leader and advertising, seo, email marketing,social media are team members 

So  keep in mind that your team leader should always be strong. So by using team members you can attract more and more customers And get more revenue. 

And scale your business. 

                                         Personal branding 

People don’t do business with companies. They do business with people they like. We have relationships based on trust and mutual connections. There’s just something about a connection with a human being that creates a level of trust and customer loyalty beyond any relationship a company could ever reach. The strong bonds people have with one another can’t be overestimated.


Even big companies have people whose personalities serve to advance their brand’s mission. Apple had Steve Jobs, Tesla has Elon Musk, and Virgin has Richard Branson. If you’re a small business owner, then this person is probably you. who became the personal brand. 

A personal brand can give rise to many brands from his/her influence.A  personal brand can not be sold. and also can not be invest this is the downside of the personal brand.but do not ignore the personal just because it has some downside. Everything has some downside you do not ignore  the positive side of everything

For being a personal brand  you have to learn a new skill and practice .and apply in it in to real world and make money.

A personal brand always a learner and writer .with out writing people do not recognize you.writing a blog is good way to being a personal brand.and their is many social media sites to give quality content to people and mentoring them. 

Their is many personal brands to whom you can follow and learn from him  like digital deepak, digital pratik, gary vee